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Henson kermit article

The Muppets Bring Family Values to Queens: Jim Henson’s Fantastic World of Puppets, Kindness and Wisdom at MoMi

Who doesn’t love at least one Muppet character even if you did not grow up with them? And who wouldn’t want the Muppets as next-door neighbors?

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History on the Walls: Discovering East Harlem through its Murals – La Voce di New York

East Harlem’s walls are literally covered in wall murals but this tour focused on those concentrated in a small area -- 103rd Street to 107th Street and Second Avenue to Park Avenue. Technically considered graffiti, murals can also be banners of honor, inspiration and a canvas for the love artists share for the place.

2014 rubinstein sutherland portrait hero article

The Art, Power and Vision of Helena Rubinstein at New York's ...

"Beauty is power...The greatest power of all," was among the first slogans Rubinstein used as early as 1904 for her advertising campaign that inspired the exhibition’s name, Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power. She convinced turn-of-the-century women that “painted faces” were not just for actresses or tarts but would add to their sense of empowerment no matter what their social class might be.

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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: a Memorial for a Defining Moment ...

Carrying the mock shirtwaist on a pole with the name of Maria Giuseppa (Tortorelli) Lauletti, 33, I felt the weight of her history, knowing that until a few years ago, she had been among the six “unknowns,” until genealogist, Michael Hirsch identified her five years ago.